List of grandchildren by year of birth

Is there a way to list all grandchildren of a couple by year of birth?

Create a group using Mark - Descendants of highlighted person, Direct Descendants only - 3 generations. Then UnMark - Descendants of highlighted person, Direct Descendants only - 2 generations. Use this group on the Fact List report, People with Fact type: Birth. You could also create a custom report and sort on birth date, using that group.


Thanks, the first option worked (Fact List report). I wasn’t able to figure out the custom report, so will have to find more directions for how to do that. I am using RM7 but also have RM9 if that is easier or has more options.

So is there only one option to choose to display in the report - births? Or can two or more facts be displayed in the Fact List report?

The fact type list will only work with one fact at a time.

The custom report works the same in RM7 and RM9. Here is the Help page for RM9.

This video was made for RM7 and earlier.
9. Creating Custom Reports with RootsMagic

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