Custom Source- field modification question


The help info for creating a custom source says to use
[field:Abbrev] – use alternate text (text following || in the field) if found, otherwise use the text entered.

Does this mean the || is in the input field? As in:
input = population schedule||pop. sched.

Yes, that is in the input field.

Sources that use [field] will display population schedule

Sources that use [field:Abbrev] will display pop. sched.

Yes. Just put some spaces before and after the || population schedule || pop sch

I’m still having a hard time understanding this construct. Do any of the built in sources use this? Is there a fuller example available?

This is an example Source Template demonstrating the use of the :Abbrev field option:

In the input field in the Citation Details I have used FULL||ABBREV

If the “||” notation is not used in the input field, then both options just show the input text:

I hope this helps.

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I see
Thanks very much for the clear, full explanation.