Source templates - Use of source name

I use a single custom source template for all sources.
When I add a new source, I am required to give it a name, e.g. Birth of John Fowler.
This appears in the drop-down list for selecting a source.
However, it appears that the source name cannot be used as a field when constructing the footnote and bibliography for the source.
This means that, if I want ‘Birth of John Fowler’ to appear in the footnote, I have to include an additional field in the template (e.g. Title’) and add this to the footnote structure.
I then enter ‘Birth of John Fowler’ twice - as both the source name and the title.

It would be helpful if the source name could be defined as a field in the template language.


The source name and citation name are for organization purposes only. They will not be added as part of the footnote.

The organization of Sources, Citations, Citation tags. and source templates is little confusing.
Seeing the table structure might help connect those dots. Personally, I just started using template so I can get things the way I want and tweak as needed.