Source Fields in Source Templates

Anyone know if it is possible to use built in Source Fields in a Source Template?

I know you can define all kinds of fields in a Source Template and use them in many ways. What I am interested in is being able to use the Source Ref# field in a Template without having to copy and paste the data. Any ideas?

Copying a built-in source template to a new customizable source template results in identically named variables. You can create a source using the new template and then merge into it a source under the old template and all the data from the first source will be accessible in the second.

You could delete or rename all the variable fields but one in the new template, create a source and then do the merge but only the data for the field name in common, e.g., SrcRefNum, will be accessible.

Does that answer your question @Paul_Harris ?

Hi, Tom,

Answer to your question is no. For the most part I am a power user of Custom Source Templates and understand what you are talking about. Let me attempt to be more specific with my question:

When I am filling in the fields of a Custom Template the upper part of the Edit Source Screen, labeled Master Source followed by the Source Name, lists Source Type (User Selectable) and Source Name (User Entered) followed by all of the User-Defined Source Fields, which are all useable in an output template.

The lower part of the Edit Source screen, labeled Master Source text, media, etc, contains an input field labeled Source Ref#, which is where I enter the unique identifier for the source in MY archive.

Here is my question: Is it possible to output the contents of the Source Ref# field in the output of a template without having to create a new custom field and copying the value from the built in field to the custom field? Does that ask my question?