Create View: Title

Publish>MyRootsMagic Account>MySites>main database>Create View

Creating a new View to show a subset of one’s main database has a glitch with the Title field. The Title field should be used exactly in 2 places. First, as the Title under the MySites listing on the MyRootsMagic Account page. [It does seem to work correctly here.[ Second, the Title on the Homepage. Here, RM8 works incorrectly. Instead of picking up the Title value that is entered when the website View is created, RM8 picks up the Title of the main website. This doesn’t make sense, particularly since a View of a subset of the whole database has a different focus, so the Title is almost certain to be different. So, I suggest that the code be changed to default to the value that I enter when I set up the Create View. I will still have the alternative to amend this if necessary.

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