Create a Shareable Flash Drive

In RM7 we had the facility to create a Shareable CD, with many of the newer PC’s they do no come with CD drives, is it possible to create a Shareable Flash Drive, so I can share my Tree with a Cousin?

The Shareable CD utility is currently not in RM8. If you go to Publish, Shareable Drive it will open the browser to a wiki page with steps to create something similar. It’s basically the steps for running in To-Go mode without adding your license key, which you can’t share with others. It will run as RM Essential on a flash drive.

Hi Renee, been a while since we last crossed cursors. Thank you for the information I shall now have to see if I can follow those instructions and not make a mess of it.

I know when RM8 was released several facilities had been omitted from RM7, Publisher was one of them it would be nice if they would reconsider putting it back, as that produced nice booklets with the facility of putting different data sets together.

Kind regards my friend, I really appreciate all you are doing for me and the RM Community.

Take care and stay safe.