Create a Gedcom Consisting of five generations of a couple's descendants

I would like to create a gedcom that consists of 5 generations of descendants of a specific couple.
It looks like you have to create a group to do this.
But to create a group you have scroll through the entire database and manually select each individual that is descended from this couple – presumably in alphabetical order because that the way the database is ordered. Isn’t there someway you can just select a couple and their descendants skipping the one by one selection process.
I’d swear we used to be able to do this on earlier versions of this program and it probably can be done on 8.5 but I can’t figure it out.
Thanks for anyone that can help

yes it can be done-- once you have the file open you want to make the gedcom from–
go to EXPORT DATA under File on Left side
Select Gedcom and where you want to save it to ( Desktop is a good option) and hit save–MAKE SURE YOU NAME IT SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THAN THE ORIGINAL FILE-- such as RAPP Lines would be renamed RAPP LINES 2…

A popup screen will appear–check all the boxes you need then


then just for good measure click on UNMARK
a drop down menu appears and click on EVERYONE IN FILE

Then put a checkmark either in the father or the mother of the couple
Highlight that PERSON (in blue)
Then Click on MARK
Another Drop Down Menu appears and pick

Another pop-up box appears and these are your options

and you can limit it to 5 generations–Pick which option you want and then say okay…

Then go in and put a checkmark in the box for the spouse If they don’t have one already

hit select and then OK on the Gedcom EXPORT Options and you should be done BUT you MIGHT want to open the gedcom to be sure it’s okay–have occasionally had one that didn’t work…

Reason I said to hit UNMARK 1st is occasionally there was some one (s) already marked that I didn’t want in the export

To follow up on the excellent message by nkess, you can make the GEDCOM by making a group and you can make the GEDCOM without making a group. Either way you choose to do it, you do not have to choose the people one at a time. You can choose all the people all in one go as described by nkess.

The marking procedure that that marks all five generations all in one go is identical whether you do the marking while you are making a group or whether you are doing it as a part of the GEDCOM dialog. So it’s sort of six of one thing or half a dozen of the other whether it’s better to make a group or better to do it without making a group.

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Thank you – It took me several attempts before I realized the RootsExplorer Menu popped up and then a few more attempts to find the mark button – my eyes just don’t work that well anymore – actually its the eye-brain connection or maybe just the brain that doesn’t work so well.
Thank you for the help – your instructions were right on the mark once I started seeing.

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