Corruption in RM database when adding two children with same name using treeshare

There was a discussion at some length in this thread about the corruption that occurs in RM when you try to add two children with the same name to RM from Ancestry using a single operation in Treeshare.

Although knowing all about this issue, I have stupidly done it twice recently in my main RM9 database. Both times something else has happened, which I had also witnessed in RM7 but could not initially replicate in RM9. I don’t understand why it happens on some occasions and not others.

The issue, as you will see from below, is that the second child is not added, but rather than creating a phantom record, Treeshare adds a child from a completely different family into the family concerned in the RM database. This person then has two sets of parents.

Of course I can unhook them from their faulty parents. In RM7, I noticed this person getting re-connected to the faulty parents seemingly randomly at various times. Running the integrity checks etc did not fix the problem, and I resorted to deleting the person concerned and then re-creating them from scratch. I have not yet enountered this re-attachment problem in RM9

hey @AlanWatson --IF it’s the same person being reconnected to faulty parents, you might check out this thread
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