Copy individuals between RM 9 databases

I wish to copy several siblings from a family in database A to an existing family in database B.
My approach has been to:

  1. Drag the first sibling from A to B.
  2. Select the option to ‘select from list’.
  3. Select all siblings

I then end up with all the siblings in the same family, but with unknown parents so I:

  1. Display the existing family
  2. Select add child
  3. Select existing child
  4. Select the first copied sibling
  5. Repeat 2-4 for each sibling.

The existing family on B is now correct with all the siblings.

However, the copied siblings now have two sets of parents (including the uknown ones) so I:

  1. Go to the LH panel which displays the two sets of parents.
  2. For the unknown father, select unlink.
  3. I am then asked if I want to unlink the highlghted person as a parent in this family, so select unlink

All is now exactly as it should be with the siblings in A copied to the existing family in B.

Is there a better way?

Another way to look at it is… that selecting all the siblings resulted in dragging them as a preserved “family” unit (all siblings), but without their previously “known” parents. So the key is to NOT add them as a child, each individually, but rather Add the PARENTS to them, each individually, by Select Existing.

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Don’t know if it’s a better way But if you have 5 siblings in a family and only want 2 in the other database, I would
1 drop and drag one parent–you can add their ancestors if you want
2 drop and drag 2nd parent-- make sure you say this is their spouse–box to check near bottom–add ancestors if want
3 then drag each child you want-- you can also add their descendants if you want

I suppose the issue is that it does not seem to be possible to copy an individual (or group of siblings) in one database to a specific family in the other database. I don’t want to copy the parents as they are already there.
Not a major problem, but I just wondered if I had missed something.

Now I understand-- so IF the parents are already in the 2nd database-- what you want to do is go to the home page of the parents that has the correct mother and father ( preferably in family view but descendant view MIGHT work) – then drop and drag each child to that 2nd file-- one at a time-- when you do, this box will show up

at the top pick which every option you want BUT you MUST check the box at the bottom to have them attached to the right parents.

Thanks for looking into this.
I am doing exactly as you suggest (I think) dragging an individual to the other database with the destination in family view.
However, the tick box at the bottom of the ‘Drag and Drop’ pop-up is not present.

The parents have the same RM record number in both databases (if this makes any difference).
Any ideas?

Have no idea why the check box is NOT there–I did notice your numbers after the names- is this a RIN number or reference # as Geo King is 04-005-- his wife 04-006 and the Mary Ann King you are trying to move is 04-005A-- none of the others on the page have a letter-- nor repeat a previous number…

Don’t know if this will help BUT try running all the database tools on both databases-- then shut RM9 down completely-- you MIGHT try rebooting your computer also-- then open both databases in RM 9 and try again…
If you have the same problem, I think you are going to have to contact support

Yes, the number is my own reference number (gg-nnnn) where, for direct ancestors, 04-0005 has spouse 04-0006 and parents 05-0009 and 05-0010.
Siblings of 04-0005 are 04-0005A, 04-0005B etc. It is these that I am trying to copy from my previous database.
I will investigate your suggestions.

Is this screenshot of the 1st database? You get the additional box when you DROP the person into the 2nd database on top of similar person.

It is the 2nd database, but it looks like the community has solved the problem for me.
I have to drag the individual so that it exactly covers the ‘Add Child’ block (which is then displayed with a highlighted. border). Selecting the tick box means that the individual is added to the family as a new child.
I should probably have realised!