Compound nouns and particles treatment request


I wanted to know if there were any plans to be able to process compound nouns. In Europe, these names are indexed on the noun and not on the particle as in RM. Many European software packages offer this possibility. Since other users have mentioned this problem, I’d like to insist. The addition of a field would be very useful for drawing up lists correctly.

I’m aware of the following cases, but there are undoubtedly others.
Jules de Grasse - > Grasse (de), Jules
Jules de La Grasse - > La Grasse (de), Jules
Jules d’Asse → Asse (d’), Jules
Jules Dupond d’Asse - Dupond d’Asse, Jules
Fredrich Van Der Strat → Van Der Strat, Fredrich (Belgium)
Fredrich van der Strat - > Strat (van der), Fredrich (Netherland)

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