ChromeOS Flex and RootsMagic in 2024

FamilySearch Centers will begin migrating off of Microsoft OS and over to ChromeOS Flex beginning in 2024. RootsMagic will not run at the moment under ChromeOS Flex. That system says RootsMagic works only on Windows and Apple devices. Since ChromeOS Flex is just another version of Linux (poor man’s version of Unix) and the Apple/Mac OS is a glorified Unix variant, how difficult is it to get RootsMagic functional under ChromeOS Flex (Linux)?

You did a great job getting RM9 to function under MacOS, which works fine even with the betas - and I thank you. But I’d like to get the PC I have back in the harness and now it is a glorified Chrome Book instead of running MSOS - and RM9 is not designed for it yet.

I am not a Linux user but there are quite a few posts in this Community re running RM under Linux. Maybe a search around the posts may help.

There are no plans for a ChromeOS or Linux version of RM. There would be two options while working at the FamilySearch Center. Use either FamilySearch Family Tree or Ancestry to make changes and update it on your desktop computer when you’re home.

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