Changing spouse labels universally

I know how to change the spouse labels from say, Father/Mother to Husband/Wife in the edit person window. Is there a way to make Husband/Wife the default?
Is there a way to mass change existing spouse labels to Husband/Wife?


There isn’t an universal setting for that.

You would have to do this with raw sqlite3. The code should be fairly simple but I am much too new to RM and its database to risk writing the code.

Thank you. I was pretty sure but just had to ask…

Thanks, Steven. I know just enough SQL in its various flavors to be dangerous. Perhaps some kind soul will take a stab at the code. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am just the opposite. I know a great deal about SQL and not nearly
enough about RM’s database to go messing about. Like you my hope is
that someone like TomH would take the hint.

Good luck