Edit Person Screen

In the Edit Person Screen, I have a person, which shows her Spouse correctly, then below this it shows another Spouse, except this one is listed as “Unknown spouse”, clicking on that brings up another Edit Person screen, with just “Spouse” and Father & Mother label.

How do I delete this “Unknown” person?

Try running Database tools

Ran Database tools as advised, closed the program. Unknown Spouse it is still there.

I am not sure if what I have just done is the intended way, but it looks as though I have got rid of the “Unknown Spouse”.
Went to Index called up the person I was working on.
This gave me the person in the top left hand side, underneath three Buttons: “Details”, “Parents” & “Spouses 2”.
this last button shows the correct Spouse and the “Unknown” one, alongside are three dots: Edit, unlink or delete, delete did not work, so tried unlink, I then had to unlink a child, which then allowed me to delete the “Unknown”.

This can occur if there is a child who is only linked to one parent but not to the other. Check any children to ensure they are properly linked to both parents.

hkcraswell, thank you for your advise, there was a child involved, linked to both the real father and the unknown. See my previous reply.