Changing Record number

I’d like my root person to start at 1; as it stands now, its record number 351, and this seems to really impact on the relationship factor.

Record numbers cannot be reassigned. You can assign person 351 as your root person under Settings, General Settings, Roots Person.

If you want the record number 1 you could do a drag n drop into a new database. First add person #1 even if just their name to the new database. Then drag n drop the person in the old database on top of themselves in the new database. Check the box that they are the same person. Then select to include everyone in the database in the drag n drop.

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The record number has nothing to do with relationships in the blood relative sense. Record numbers are simply a field that is used to link together all of the pieces in the database…in a simple form.

thank you for such a prompt reply. I will have to stick with what I have, as I have over 1100 families.
Good to know that we have access to great support!