Can one choose multiple instances of a citation for Merge Duplicates?

RM9 on Mac. I have a situation with multiple instances of the identical citation names. For Example a citation name referring to a page in a book or the date of an email. if it cited 20 times and 20 entries in the citation column saying used 1. Is there a way to select all the duplicates at one time an merge with one copy? I have no media links or web tags with the citations. It is rather laborious to merge 19 individual times in to one citation! By the way the “merge duplicates” button does not say “merge all duplicates” as referenced in some other threads.

What you describe for merging all duplicate instances of a particular citation is the way it works - selecting one citation at a time.

There is another more global Merge All Duplicate Citations feature that does sort of what you want, except that it merges all duplicates for all sources. There can be some adverse impacts from running this procedure if you have citations that differ only in having different media files or Web tags. That can happen especially for citations that come into RM from Ancestry via TreeShare.

I’m hoping that both of these issues might be addressed in some future update to RM. Namely, if you manually merge duplicate citations, you should be able to select all that are duplicate all in one go. And if you use the more global tool, there should be a way to prevent merging of citations that differ in their media files or their Web tags.

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Thank you very much. Very helpful.

A very welcome enhancement would be for RM to add a citation merge feature that functions similar to the existing RM9 merge place feature. Then one could select one citation as the primary and several other citations to merge with the primary.