Can Citation Name be included in Footnote?

Is there a way to create a source so that the Citation Name, followed by the Page Number appear in the Footnote and Short Footnote?

Citation Name= Harris County, Texas Marriages
Page Number= Book G, Page 27

Footnote for the above citation would read, “Harris County, Texas Marriages, Book G, Page 27”

Thanks you for your help

Not that I know of.

RM’s source template system is not really designed to work that way. Rather, it’s designed to work in the other direction. Namely, the “Harris County, Texas Marriages” information is designed to be entered into a field in the source template, then RM will default by copying that information back into the citation name for you.

Which source template are you using for this citation - one of RM’s built in templates or the free form template? Since you are referencing the Page Number field, I suspect you are using the free form template. I don’t think RM9’s user interface for the free form template works very smoothly. It forces you to slide into the note editor to enter the footnote information and then it makes the page number field into the citation name.

I suspect that you might come closer to the effect you seek if you used one of RM’s built-in templates or even if you created a template of your own. Doing it that way, you are never forced to slide into the note editor to enter the footnote information. But in any case, the design of RM’s template system means that the citation name is made from the citation information rather than the citation information being made from the citation name. The citation name is only there for your convenience in using RM. It’s not part of what is printed as a footnote or and endnote.

I was using the free form template so I tried adding a field called [Source Name] to an existing template hoping that would reference the Source Name field data. Unfortunately, I just ended up with two fields called Source Name.

The Citation Name field is just like the Master Source Name field. It’s not part of the footnote. It’s for organizational purposes only.