Better explanation of minor changes included in updates

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It would be good to get a better listing of ‘minor fixes’. What is a minor fix to most could be an important fix to an individual. Most updates contain this line item - over time, they add up, surely.

For example, I’m still waiting for the FSID ‘change due to merge’/unmatch/‘there but not there’ problem on the Mac to be sorted - is that minor or major? Given that it isn’t a problem in the Windows version, one assumes minor (but may be not)

Cosmetic fixes - OK, less important, agreed, but again could be important to those affected and hoping for that change.


Your example would never be considered a minor change. It would appear as a Fixed item by itself. I’m not always good at noting the minor and cosmetic changes, but this is what stood out to me.

Minor Fixes: There were some internal fixes to temple codes that no one else would see.
Cosmetic Changes: Spelling or wording changes are usually cosmetic. This time we changed Value to Description in RM Explorer.

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Actually, that’s a humongous change, not just a minor change and not just a cosmetic change. And it’s a very good change.

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Where is RM Explorer?

If you use color coding or make a group the option to select from a list will bring up the RM Explorer. You can also see the change if you go to Search, Person Search-Advance and click on Find.