AutoMatch is not working with FamilySearch (Web Hints)

AutoMatch with FamilySearch is not working in ver 8.0.1 with the option selected.

With the person highlighted, the program does not search by itself for matches.

It sounds like you are using the FindMatch button which is a one-to-one search for potential matches to the highlighted individual. There is an AutoMatch button that runs through your database and links a person when a match is identified. Which process are you using? You also don’t state your operating system or if you are getting an error message.

My system is WIN 10 Pro and there is no error message.

Maybe I didn’t explain it well. When you highlight an individual on the Pedigree screen, it should automatically search for web hints on various sites and if you have AutoMatch selected with FamilySearch it should match itself.

I think this issue is related to this other topic:

Oh so the hints, not the WebSearch which is a different function. I need to log in to Ancestry and FamilySearch to populate the hints for those locations. Both FindMyPast and MyHeritage do not need that extra step. That is of course assuming that your computer is online. Once you hover over the lightbulb, you need to move your mouse or curser down to choose either the WebHints or FamilySearch.