Auto refresh groups

Hello ilik the function of groups, and i make different groups, and i always must refresh every group to update the people to ad to this group, is there not a possibility that this for instance in the background every half hour go or every time you start Rootsmagic it will update all groups who are refreshable are ?


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Agreed that needing to refresh groups in not always desirable.
However some users may not want all groups refreshed at same time.

An Enhancement option to refresh multiple groups at same time would be welcomed
(not sure ALL would be advisable as a user could have over 50 for example)
Maybe do at loading or closing of database

Are you adding them to the needed Groups when you enter them?

no i have a criteria selected in for a group and when i run it it will ad them who have the specific criteria, but i have now about 40 groups, and this is almost not to do to refresh them every time…

Not clear as to why you aren’t adding to Groups as you go, unless they fit the criteria for multiple of groups. I have more than 80 groups but people buried in New Jersey group aren’t buried in Arizona group. What are the criterias?

If there were a more automated group refresh than what already exists, I would prefer that it be an option that I could turn off. I like to refresh my groups one at a time - namely, the group that I am presently working on. I refresh the group I’m currently working on regularly, and I do it from the Refresh icon that’s next to the group name on the group filter in People List view. Refreshing my groups in that manner has not seemed onerous at all.

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