Associate List feature

I would love to see a checkbox in the Edit Person screen to say “Show Associate Events” or “Show Associates” as we have for “Show Relative Events”.

For some uses of Associates, there could be a large number of Associates, and the Associate entries could outnumber Facts of the person’s life, and it could get very cluttered and confusing to see the key facts of their life. I love the Associate feature, and I hope we can get a tweak to keep it in its place.


That option is already on the list for consideration. It was mentioned on the Facebook group and Renee said it was passed along to development.

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Awesome. Looking forward to it.

I see the Association feature to turn it on or off was added in 9.0.1. However, I can’t figure out where/how to turn it off – ?

Click 3-dot Menu
Choose Options
Uncheck Show associations

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Ahh, thanks so much!

And the keystroke copy and paste in fields fixed already! I am getting a freezing up in Edit Notes, happened twice, I’ll have to monitor what that’s about.