Alternate Name Confusion

I was searching for people with the surname Garcia in my List of People.
In the List is what I believe to be an Alternate name for Ruth Marie Neuman, i.e. Ruth Neuman Garcia. To the best of my knowledge, Ruth never married anyone named Garcia. In any event, no one named Garcia is shown as a husband in her information.

So what is your question? Ruth got that alternate name somehow. It isn’t something that RM did. If you did not personally enter it, then there is a likelihood that it was imported somehow. Could have been Treeshare, could have been data dragged and dropped or otherwise imported from another file. You are going to have to figure out if it is valid or not, and if not delete it. It isn’t something that we can really do for you!

Look at Ruth’s Edit Person to see the Alternative Name that is entered there. You can delete her Alternative Name if you wish.

Great! Thank you. Not quite sure how that got in there but it’s gone now!