Addresses List for same street

Is it possible to print a list of street addresses showing who lived in that street or at that same address

If your addresses are in the Place Name as street #, street name, city… then any report or view with the reverse ordering option for the Place Index could list them the way you describe.

If the street address is in Place Detail instead, then you would enter street name, street # and use reverse order as above.

For people at an address, try the Who Was There report. It might come close to what you want.

Thanks TomH,

It seems that my addresses are not where they should be so I’ll look into that but Who Was There provided me with the info that I think will help. I recently found some potential relatives living in a street that rang bells so I was trying to remember who else lived there or nearby but faced with too many possibles I hoped there was a shortcut and you may have solved it. I’ll let you know but thanks for the advice.