Ability to export People List

I would like to see the addition of a means to export the People List as text, csv, excel or whatever. A simple save grid to file option. I don’t need to mess around with reports.
I am undergoing a major cleanup of my RM data by working though the file using the People List to keep track of where I am and would to be able to export the data so that I could conduct deeper analysis of the data to more effectively conduct the process.


The Individual List can be saved in .xlsx, .csv, .txt in addition to .pdf and .docx. Just uncheck facts, parents, spouses, children, places etc. if you want just a straight list.

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That has been oft-requested over the life of RM. The closest you might come to it is a Custom Report mimicking the fields and layout of your People view. One wonders why the software could not be relatively easily enhanced to port the People View to a Custom Report, filtered and sorted identically by default.

This is untested.
There is a scrolling capture for images that extend beyond one screen.
Snagit > Image > Selection: Grab Text > Copy to Clipboard > Capture
Then paste it into a word processor or spreadsheet.
The built-in reports may be better because they would behave like the RM you are used to.