A simple fix for the Title and date over writing each other in reports

Since the developers can’t seem to fix the issue with the Title and Date overwriting each other in reports, this is a simple solution.

In the Left field simple enter this
[Title] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Date]
Just add the number of spaces inbetween them to have Date show up where you want it on the right side. Replace the x’s with spaces. This post removes the spaces so I replaced them with x’s.


I don’t have any problem with reports overwriting.
Under Header & Footers, default is [Title] on left and [Date] on right. I even added [Title][Date] on left, and [Date] on right, and it printed correctly.

Thanks for sharing this tip – I do the same thing, adding spaces to stop the overwriting – I am Windows 11, and every report title overwrites for me too – very frustrating that they cant / wont fix this!

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Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the problem but I seldom have a title?

I enlarged the font size & Im happy for a solution to having title & date on too of eachbother. Thank you!