2 Issues with Treeshare today

I definitely see what you are talking abt because I tried 3 more times to add a new couple with a marriage and ended up with 2 marriages on one of the spouses all 3 times when I tried to fix it --what’s worse is that when you tree share again, Ancestry is sending the 2nd marriage back to RM as a new fact which I said delete from Ancestry and it cleaned up that mess BUT earlier in the day when I was adding marriages, it added the marriage to both at the same time
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So basically if it is a new couple to Ancestry then you are going to get the 2 marriages on one spouse BUT if it is an existing couple in Ancestry that you are adding the marriage to, it seems to be okay–now I got it

I have found a similar method where I make a note of any new person where there is a spouse and a Marriage Fact that Treeshare shows on the Ancestry side. I enter this person into RM (and the associated spouse and family) and once I have finished with Treeshare, I then look up this person in RM, add a fictious Marriage Fact and then run Treeshare again. This then picks up the change and I can then update RM with the correct details.

All very tedious and time consuming!!!

This shows that Ancestry does provide a Marriage Fact with a source and a Spouse, but as I have mentioned before the Marriage Fact is not transferred to RM.

Tom, I wonder if FTM2019 has the same issue when syncing to Ancestry?

Marriage facts not being picked up in Treeshare. It seems to occur when you copy a couple from Ancestry into RM at the same time using Treeshare because RM won’t add a marriage fact unless the spouse is already in the database. The next time either of those people is synced with Ancestry the marriage fact will appear, ready to be synced into RM. I’ve just worked through the massive list that Treeshare produced (although interestingly not everyone in the database was included) and came up with a number of marriages. The other thing was places where I’ve corrected place names in RM from what was in Ancestry, or just made the place names more consistent in RM. Normally Treeshare doesn’t pick up on those but this exercise has hopefully dealt with all of those.

Exactly the experience I had. :grimacing:

I don’t know if it does currently. I do recall seeing the Marriage event having been added to one spouse but not the other on Ancestry itself. So there must be lots of cases like that across its many trees. I don’t know if it is/was dependent on the specific Ancestry Source database or on user procedure.

If you add two people from Ancestry to RM, treeshare will not automatically add the marriage fact. Furthermore, the way that most people have treeshare set up is to mark people as ‘not changed’ automatically when they are added.

In this case, Treeshare will not pick the marriage up unless one or both of the people concerned are amended in either Ancestry or RM, when the marriage will be presented to you.

To overcome this problem, I suggest using a criterion group with a single criterion, last changed date > yesterday [you have to keep on amending the date]. Then after you have transferred a group of people from Ancestry to RM you can refresh the group to make sure that it includes all the people newly added, and go into Treeshare selecting people whether changed or not and filter on the group. This makes it trivial to browse down one person at at time and pick up any missing marriages.