X & Y Chromosome

RootsMagic8 was able to create X and Y inheritance. Unfortunately, X was treated as if it was a Female Version of Y, that is, as a direct line inheritance pattern, which it is not, since women inherit X from both parents.

Now I cannot find the ability to create an X inheritance at al, not of Y. Are they hiding somewhere I haven’t looked? If so, has the error with X been corrected?

No, RM8 didn’t do DNA at all. There was a DNA test fact in RM7, but that was removed in 8. The only way that DNA existed in RM8 was due to importing a RM7 file

You can create groups based on Genetic line, either Y inheritance or mtDNA inheritance. I did my mtDNA line; it did take a few passes to include everyone but looks good. I don’t know of one specific to X matches.

Thank you. I guess it’s been a while since I tried it and I guess RM just gave it up.