Where is Ballygobackwards (for example!) used?

I am using RM7 on Windows 10.
I believe that somewhere in my database the village name of Ballygobackwards is used.
I assume for the location of some family event.
I do a “search / find everywhere” and it tells me that indeed the village name is a place in the database.
But it doesn’t tell me where it is used!!
I feel I am missing something very basic. This must be a common problem.
Please, put me out of my misery!!

RM7 Lists>Place List>Select Ballygobackwards>Print will show all events and persons that use that place.


Thank you. Me dumb!!!

Hi Pop, seems a bit odd that Find everywhere didn’t give you any clues as to where your place name is used. Great name tho!! Had to Google it. Sounds as tho you hadn’t actually used it anywhere.
I did a search for an example place in my dB and there were hits I expected. Find everywhere is a favourite search of mine for that very reason: everywhere. Hmm…
You’re not dumb: you just might not know what tools you can use to sort your issue. Obviously, using Reports, Lists is one way to go. Starting a thread on this forum is another way: searching the forum using a general term might get where you want to be: won’t be the first time someone else has had a particular issue :grinning: rgds

Thank you SM for those comments. I am embarrassed by my stupidity. It turns out there is a village in two different counties with the same name. Find Everywhere did find the single example of the village in the county I was researching. It showed it only as a place name but with no other details. The reason was, as you suggested, it was never used!!! It did list the occurrences in the other county along with the context in which they were used there.
I am minded of the woodcutter’s rule - measure twice, cut once.
Read your topic twice before you submit it to a forum :slight_smile:

Hi Pop, Two places with that great name?? Hope the any local bus drivers don’t get mixed up!! I was thinking after I posted: if there’s a Ballygobackwards (or two) is there a Ballygoforwards :thinking:

Before this gets out of hand and I get banned from the forum, the name is of course totally fictitious and used only to protect the innocent.

…and Wiki has this!!

The point of this post escapes me completely!

Relax Fiona.
It’s a male thing :slight_smile:
Just some harmless banter.

Ballygobackwards I can perfectly understand - I frequently used the acronym DRI (Deepest Rural Ireland).
It’s the insertion of the Knockmealdowns that confuses me - but I’ll take your word for it that it’s male thing!