What fact would a ODNS Record go under?

I have a ODNS certificate for the grandaunt of my wife. It shows that she changed address in 1943. What fact would this go under?

I don’t know what an ODNS certificate is, but if it verifies a new address, my guess is that it would be a source for a Residence fact.

Thanks. I now think that ODNS is the prefix for her “registration number”.

The certificate has official stamps on it:

National Registration Office ODN and the date.

The 1939 Register shed a little bit of light on the ODNS works to a certain extent. The schedule number matches too:

So this must have been some kind of official way to update the official register.

According to: 1939 Register Enumeration Districts | findmypast.co.uk for:

  • Sodbury / Gloucestershire

The code was RD / ODN and Filton was in Sodbury at the time. So ODNS has to be related to that.

It is the 4 character Enumeration District (E.D. Letter Code) as shown on the 1939 National register

What you have is not an “ODNS certificate” but the 1939 National Register entry showing the entry for the grandaunt of your wife. This was conducted on 29 Sep 1939 and was not a census but was taken for war purposes. It was in fact used by the NHS for many years after.

Understood. So the certificate is basically a “confirmation” of a “Change of Address” being made to her “1939 National Register” entry.

As you can see from my screen grab, I have the 1939 Register image too.