Numbers (in To Do List)

I have printed a To Do List from RM7 (UK). Each person is followed by two numbers, one of which I recognise as the record number the other I have no idea about, where it comes from or if/how it helps me at all. For example (slightly made up)
Custard, Henry-273 (C636) Ashtray, George-700 (A263). It is the number in brackets I am asking about.
Thank you.

That is the Soundex code for the surname. If you aren’t familiar with it, Soundex is an indexing system for various records and there are boatloads of sources to read about it if you Google.

I have heard of these but had no idea there was so much to discover. I’ve now been able to put Soundex into the RM Help search and find the information I needed. Many thanks. (And I thought I was being so clever changing the surnames to my silly examples! :rofl:)