Upgrade or New License when buying RM9

I started with RM7 and have made the change to RM8 and I’m presently using it. My question is this due to the sale I would like to take advantage and purchase RM9 but I would like to know what everybody is doing, there is an option to “upgrade” or "choose a new license. Does the option to upgrade preclude the use of RM8 entirely, or can you run the two independently? What about new versions of RM8, if I upgrade will I no longer be able to upgrade my RM8 and still use it? Just wanting to see what everybody is doing in this case…

No preclusion to having both installed and in use, however if Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.com or other WebHints providers change their services… only version 9.XX will be updated to continue working with them (because version 8.XX will no longer be updated).

Upon the release of RM9 all upgrades to RM8 cease. Only bugfixes (acknowledged by the company) might be released (at their disgression).

There is no common practice that ‘everybody’ is doing. Some users are finding 9.0.1 practically unusable because the Note editor is crashing their system. You could take advantage of the current discount; their might be a similar discount around Christmas, black Friday or some major genealogy event. That’s a purchase of the licence. You could wait to download and install until after the dust settles, maybe 9.1 or 9.2. You can install now and play with it as it won’t remove your RM8 software which you can continue to use. But be warned that any RM8 .rmtree file you open with 9 cannot be reopened in 8. So take some protective measures, e.g., backups in 8, copy the RM8 database files to a new folder for RM9, rename your files with “RM8” or “RM9” respectively to help, make sure your RM9 Folder Settings point to your new folder for RM9 Data. There are probably one or two more things - oh, turn off the setting in 8 to automatically open on restarting the last database closed before running RM9 because that setting will carry over and when RM9 starts, it will open that RM8 file.

Thanks for all the tips!