Task Folders problem

  1. is there anyway to merge two Task Folders?
  2. My task folders are being duplicated for some bizarre reason. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I have copied a couple of people from another file into this one, but these task folders are in no way connected to those people.

I don’t use RM8’s Tasks, but I wonder if it’s the same problem that I have with RM’s Source Templates. If I use drag and drop to copy people from one database to another, any user defined Source Templates that come along with the people I copied are not merged. It sounds like Task folders that come along with the people you are copying also are not being merged, just like with my Source Templates which are not being merged.

I wondered the same thing, but it seems to copy the entire task folder file, not the tasks - just the folders - and none of the folders have anything to do with the person I copied. So weird.

The duplication is caused by all task folders importing with the drag n drop. If you drag n drop multiple times from the same database you will get duplicate folders. This issue has been reported. The Task Folders will only have tasks connected to them if the person drag n dropped was using them. You can safely delete the blank duplicate folders.

Thank you Renee. That helps.