Specific Date Search

Is there a way in RM9 to search for an event (e.g., birth, marriage, death) that occured on a specific date?

Yes, Search>Advanced Search>Find then set out your criteria ie Birth Date equals date

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Thank you, I for some reason forget about the Advanced Search options. Hopefully this will also help me remember these options in the future.

Besides all the search boxes that are new in RM8/9, the Advanced Search is about the only one I ever use. If you use Advanced Search all the time, you won’t forget that it exists. It’s also good to remember that you can search on Any Fact, for example, Any Fact => Date => Equals 16 Aug 1945 or Any Fact => Place => Contains => Kentucky or Any Fact => Date => Is Before => 1700

Using Advanced Search is also good practice for using the advanced options that are available for selecting people when making groups and color coding. And in fact, the advanced options that are available for making groups and color coding are even more advanced than are the options for Advanced Search. For example, when making a group or color coding, you can select ancestors or descendants. These options are not available with Advanced Search.

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Great suggestion, I’ll make it my default search.