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In the advanced search function of RM9, I would like to search for text fields (names, event places, event place details etc) which begin with a string that I can input. I get many other options - is/is not blank, does/does not equal, does/does not contain and even (oddly for text) less than/greater than. However, the option for ‘begins with’ is not there.

Forgive me if this has been requested before.

There is a discussion of wildcards in this post, but as noted there, they do not work in the person search. If they did work, I could use equals my string followed by a wildcard, but even if this facility were added, I still think that ‘begins with’ would be easier for many users to use.

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Confirming enhancement request has been reported to development.

Thank you @rzamor1.

I am reminded that a post must contain at least 20 characters.

some Search allows to add double Quote before so ‘begins with A’ =
add double quotes in front of character(s)

Unfortunately RM9’s search does not support this.