RootsMagic 8 Programming

Does anyone know what programming language and framework are used to create RootsMagic 8?

Just curious. It does not seem to be the .Net framework. Maybe Python or Ruby?

Programming language is apparently Delphi as for any other frameworks or tools, your guess is as good as mine…but whatever it is, it seems to have a lot of problems letting development do things that we have come to expect.

Thanks. That’s an interesting choice.

Apparently we have Michael Booth to blame for Delphi. In a now unpublished interview on Family History Fanatics youtube channel, Bruce talks about how he was using Visual C++ for the last versions of Family Origins and the first 3 versions of RM. The along came Michael to convince him it was all about Delphi.

The FHF video is at RootsMagic 8: Chat with the Creators About the New Release - YouTube, however it freezes up just as Bruce starts tallking about the dev tools, but the transcript is still available so you can read it starting at around 10:00 minutes in.

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