RM9 Memorizing Sources

I think I must be missing something. Frequently, when I create a citation I already know I’m going to use it in multiple places. For example, I’m going to cite a death certificate for a number of different facts - birth, death, names of parents, cause of death, etc. But when I create the new citation there doesn’t seem to be any way to memorize the citation without closing the creation screen and then clicking on the citation I just created to open it for editing. Then I get the memorize icon at the top of the screen. Isn’t there a way to memorize the citation when I first create it?

This seems appropriate to me. It seems risky to offer the ability to copy a partially created citation. Not sure how you could determine whether all of the additions have been written to the database until the “add” dialog had been completed.

If I copied a partially created citation, that would be my error to correct. However, it is my experience that each field is saved to the database as it is completed, so I think the risk is quite low unless I later change my mind about the information to be included in the citation.

If that is truly the reasoning behind this behavior, my suggested solution would be to have two buttons at the bottom of the screen, one that says “Close” and another that says “Close and Copy”.

You might want to try the ‘slide-in workflow’ mode for adding/editing citations. It’s not specifically what you are requesting, because it’s not within the add/edit workflow, but it enables an additional panel that helps avoid extra keystrokes when working with citations. For example, you can click on Memorize button in the left pane as soon as you say “OK” to the add workflow, or the “green check mark” in the edit citation workflow in the right pane.

Thank you! I will give that try.