Return option to select place details to scrapbook in Publisher

For a period right after the Publisher feature returned to RM8 you were able to select Place Details in addition to Person, Family, Source, and Place. It didn’t work right, but it would be very helpful when you have multiple cemeteries in the same town and wish to do scrapbooks of individual cemeteries not all the images for a place. It would require an addition drop-down to select the place detail after selecting the place, but it would be a wonderful feature for those of us trying to use Publisher to produce complex books.

I don’t ever recall a Place Detail scrapbook when 8.5.0 came out. There is an option in the settings to include the Place Details images in the scrapbook for a place. Confirming a request for a place detail specific scrapbook has been reported to development.

I mention it in ticket 122883 when I first reported the save settings issue after 9 came out. BTW, now that I can upload an entire backup without it timing out I would be more than happy for RM to retain a copy of my DB for testing if you want examples of larger DBs linked to Ancestry or books in Publisher.

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