Recording Non-Blood Relationships (RM9)

My maternal Grandaunt married Joe and they were childless. Joe’s sister Rose married the grandson of a historic figure. While I have no blood ancestor from Rose’s marriage, I would still like to record our association to the historic figure resulting from that marriage. I could add the historic figure’s ancestral line by adding Joe’s sister and her marriage, but without a blood relationship this seems counter-intuitive. Any thoughts on using the MISC or ASSOCIATION Facts to address this? Any other options you might suggest?

For that I would just attach as "other"spouse. You can use color coding to identify if you choose too. If there are no children there is probably no DNA or tree connections (though you might be surprised how many 8th cousins (or there about) of people who married in

Unfortunately Association won’t work IF your goal is to NOT add this line of people to the database— both people need to be in the database. There is also the problem at this time that Association are only good in THAT database-- they will not transfer by way of gedcom or drag and drop-- nor do they show on Ancestry-- they will however be included in a report if you check it on the report…

You could use a Misc fact ( or create a special fact ) under Joe stating the info BUT I personal would just add a very basic line for Rose, her hubby down to the grandson of the historic figure and backwards-- in my day when we grew up, the NEW family of the in-laws just became part of our family-- my parents ( who never knew most of these people before ) associated with them outside of family events-- my oldest brother-in-law’s mother actually thought and treated my younger sister and I as if we were her own grandkids ( as we were only a couple of years older than her grandchild) and told me so when I was married-- so I have them all in my database with a little history ( minimal) on their lines-- I also have included neighbors and my parents closest friends as they were just family also-- made a huge difference in our lives and touched them in so many ways…
But entirely up to you…

Go ahead and add them, it adds to the story of your family. Someone in my tree married the actor Bob Cummings. I went to school with Meghan Markle’s grandmother. My father sang with Andy Williams & Rosemary Clooney in high school. These are in the Notes but could use Association.

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Despite the fact that Associations do not currently get exported into GEDCOMs, there’s a likelihood that the programmers introduced the concept with an eye towards possible adoption by other genealogy circles or in anticipation of being able to represent them in the next GEDCOM standard.

Many thx for all the insight. Very helpful.