Recording Cemetery

I’ve always been confused about the best way to record a cemetery name. What is the best practice. I would like to create a list of family members who are located in the same cemetery. Thank you.

I’m not sure what country you are in but in UK most cemeteries have an official name and that is the name I use. You can usually Google the cemetery if it still exists and this will give you the name and address. Of course there are always places where it is just called The Cemetery, Anytown or Anytown Cemetery so that is what I would use in that instance. In my Place Details I have one of the most famous cemeteries in London - Highgate Cemetery where amongst other notable people Karl Marx is buried (he is not in my tree though). I also have names such as St Mary’s Cemetery and Boroondara General Cemetery in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

What is confusing you?

I’m in the U.S. If I start with the name of the cemetery in the place field, it doesn’t recognize it as a place. If I put the location of the cemetery in the place field it recognizes the place, but if I put the cemetery name in Place details it won’t give gps location.

You can manually geocode locations in Place details. Just go to Google maps, locate the cemetery and Right click, this will bring up a selection pop-up and the co-ordinates are at the top. Click on the co-ords and they are automatically copied to your clipboard. In your Place details/Edit Place Detail screen just paste what you have copied into the Latitude field and hit enter. This will populate the Longitude field and hey presto you have geocoded your cemetery. You can check by clicking on the folded map symbol.


I put city, county, state in the place field (or equivalent if not in the U.S.).
I put the cemetery name in the place details field.
In the master places list, you should be able to see all of the uses of a particular cemetery, whether it’s in the place field or in the place details field.


Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you. I will try that again.

This is what I do, too

I think that it would be better if there was the option to have “Place” be the city or town, then the “Place details” be the Cemetery name and address and then have another level for “Plot Details” that would include geocoding. This would only need be included in the Burial Fact. Optimistic, I know but worth asking for.