Previous free upgrade given for Rootsmagic still good?

Is the free upgrade given with the purchase of Rootsmagic 7 in December 2018 still good?

I think maybe I registers it on-line, but maybe someone in the know will tell us.

Yes, it should be. You would have received an email when you made the original purchase, separate to the RM7 registration info that had a RM8 key.

I have that question in to Support. I have the key but there is no option besides the discount. Not paying again.

If you were given a RM8 key when you purchased RM7 it will work

Just go to the RM download page at and download Roots Magic 8,
That’s how I accessed RM8 having been given a key for it when I purchased RM7 a year ago.
Download the full version, install it and then register the product. Worked great.

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I did the same thing. Do not choose the Buy Now option. Use the Try It Free option. Then when you install it gives you the option to install the free essentials option or the full paid option. Choose the full paid option (I forgot what it was called exactly). That gives you the option to put in the RM 8 code you received when you bought RM 7 last year.

Can confirm what others are saying - YES, it’s still good!

I bought my copy of RootsMagic 7 in December 2019, and my purchase summary email came with a key code for RootsMagic 8. So this morning, I downloaded the FREE version of RootsMagic 8, and during the installation, I was given the opportunity to upgrade to the paid version. It asked me for a key code, I copied in the key code from my email, and bingo! - success. I was delighted.