Picture turn counter clock wise

My pictures are turning counter clockwise 90 degrees. They show correctly when viewed in another file. When I tag to RM they turn counterclockwise. Even in family group sheet. This has happened before.

specify your OS and image file type. If mac os and jpgs, just use preview to rotate to right (command-R).

The pictures are probably JPG files which are using a rotation flag in their EXIF data. You will need to edit the files with image editor software outside of RM to change or delete the rotation flag. In practice, you probably won’t even see the rotation flag or other EXIF data. Instead, you will just rotate the image properly and save it back where it already was.

The underlying rationale behind the rotation flag in JPG files is that if you take a picture with a digital camera which stores its images as JPG files, the camera will set the rotation flag to indicate the orientation of the camera when the picture was taken. Scanning software typically also sets the rotation flag. However, my sense of the situation is that sometimes image editor software will rotate an image that needs to be rotated without really rotating it. Namely, image editor software sometimes will just adjust the rotation flag without really rotating the actual pixels in the image. Then the image is not properly rotated for software that doesn’t process the rotation flag.

RM does not seem to process the rotation flag. That’s why you will need to edit the files with image editor software outside of RM to rotate them properly. That’s also why if you look at the images with software outside of RM the images may rotated properly even if they are not rotated properly inside of RM. That’s because the image software you are using outside of RM is probably processing the rotation flag properly and RM is not.

If this is a persistent problem, you probably need to investigate why the rotation flags for your JPG files are being set the way they are in the first place. The rotation flag is probably being set by scanner software or by a camera. Image files you download from Ancestry or FamilySearch such as census images either don’t have the rotation flag set at all or else they have it set properly. That’s why I would suggest looking at your scanner or your camera.

I used Rm to edit the pictures. Then reloaded the picture and it worked. Used the same camera saved as jpg. Sometimes the pictures are correct and sometimes not. No rhyme or reason.

I use windows 11 with no specific photo editor. I use what comes with 11.

This happened to me one time in RM8 with a photo that was correct in RM7. RM8 does not have a photo editor like 7 did.

I checked the photo in Windows photo viewer and it was rotated there also, although it had not been previously. No idea how that happened. I deleted the image in RM8 and rotated it in Windows and then re-attached it in RM8 and it showed up correctly. Have not had that problem since, but I have no idea why. Support did not have any idea either.

Anyway, just try to delete the link in RM8 and re-link it.

You could use XnView free software (Image Viewer | Photo Viewer | Image Resize | XnView) to diagnose image files and modifying Exif data.

Do you understand what is actually happening. It is a never ending quest to find this or that program to do what you had in the past and it is now not available. I found a way to do it without searching for something else to do it. I don’t spend all my time in front of a computer because I have nothing else to do. I said it before and I will continue to say. Rm8 is no longer a simple program. It is complicated and is on a path like the old program “the master genealogist “. Do you remember it? Right. No longer around.

This has happened to me in the past and I eventually discovered it was because the image size was too large. Using Microsoft Paint I resized the image downwards (I think it was something like 50%) and the problem went away.

I suspect that simply saving the image at the same size would modify the orientation in RM8.