Person note now contains "Person Source" text (13 chars)

Since importing, some of my people contain the note “Person Source”.
This is causing them all to flag as changes with Ancestry simply because there is a new 13 character note.

How did it get there?
Why does it impact some people not others?
It is really time consuming to review each person when syncing with Ancestry.

Further, it seems to have something to do with IGI syncing. One person has this in their note.

"Person Source

Person Source

Relative/Proxy: Inga Lena Constance Carlstrom Nelson

Messages from IGI"

I haven’t seen a person note but when either uploading a gedcom to an existing file or adding a new person from a user’s tree to your database, a Source is created. Did you accept a person into your tree that had a user comment?

Hi, no. I would have accepted people that had sources but not comments.
It seems like it is creating a comment for the source in the wrong field?
Because the comment “relative/proxy: Inga Lena Constance Carlstrom Nelson” seems to be a person source but instead of creating the source it created a note.

Most of these notes are simply “Person Source” with no other information, as if it was creating a log entry in the note field.

Is there any way to search for people that have a person note with text “person note” so I can clear these out?

Search menu selection (on the left) or Find everywhere search block (at the top right) finds text that is in my database’s person notes.

Thanks I found that. There were a lot of records to edit (it would be a great feature if it told you the number of results). Instead I opted for the DB Browser for SQL Lite that I saw in another thread on this forum. I found the field in the person table, and filtered - there were 787 records (so I’m glad I did that). I deleted the notes in DB Browser. Now when I sync with Ancestry there are a lot less records :slight_smile:

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