Online Help With Source Citations

I realize the rules of this mailing list specify that we only post about questions and suggestions concerning RootsMagic, but I’m hoping the list master will allow this tip regarding a YouTube channel that I have found extremely helpful with source citation. I struggle with the subject and, yes, I have both Elizabeth Shown Mills books and her tip sheet, and I also have Cite Your Sources, but I think this channel might help some of my fellow genealogy researchers with this thorny subject, and make it easier to create sources in RootsMagic.

The channel is: Boundless Genealogy, Melissa Corn Finlay

The videos I have found most helpful:

Citing Sources in Genealogy / Basic Format

Easy Layered Source Citations / Citing Sources in Genealogy

Complex Citations Made Simple / Citing Sources in Genealogy

Each video is no more than 15 minutes.