Move one person so the rest will follow

I made a big mistake.
I got sidetracked and started a tree under the wrong person.
I have attached a screenshot to show my mistake.
I know there is probably an easy way to correct this without deleting the people, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
I need to move Susannah Lincoln down to be Joseph Barstow’s wife.
Is there an easy way to do this so that Thomas and Margaret will follow and stay the children of Susannah?

Right-click Susannah->Choose Unlink-> Then Unlink from spouse.
Right-click Joseph->->Choose Add->Add spouse->choose Susannah to link them

I assume you mean that Thomas and Margaret will remain as Susannah’s parents rather than children. But yes, follow kbens0n’s directions.

You will be leaving William Barstow without a wife and Joseph Barstow without a mother, but I assume you will fill in that hole after you get Susannah placed with the correct spouse.

Thank you kbens0n. That worked.

For other’s clarification, in the original post, Attroll absent-mindedly typed the word ‘children’ while thinking the word ‘parents’.

Small comment- whenever a person is to be unlinked, it’s a good idea to note the person’s RIN before the the unlink is done. It’s easy to get people mixed up without the number.

Noting a person’s RIN before an unlink is certainly a good idea. But I usually go even further. Namely, I link a person to their new place before unlinking them from their old place. So they are briefly linked to two places. But there never is a time when they are unlinked entirely, just floating in the air, as it were.

For example, a somewhat common situation seems to be that a man is linked to his wife twice and some of the children are linked to one instance of the same wife with the same RIN and other of the children are linked to the other instance of the same wife with the same RIN. So I will make the man the primary person in Descendant View showing two generations. I will first link the children to where they belong, and only then unlink the children from where they do not belong. Some of the children will briefly be linked twice.

Only after the children are in the proper place will I unlink the extra link to the same wife with the same RIN. Doing it that way, none of the children are ever lost from the screen. Even if I carefully make note of the RIN’s for the children, I really don’t need the RIN’s because all the children stay somewhere on the screen at all times.

I also noticed that when unlinking. If you have the two listed as married together, it does not totally remove the marriages from both people. You have to manually go in and remove the marriage.

Yeah. I always do that too, but it takes too long to explain. Thanks for taking the time