Mother, Father gender allocated to wrong names?

I have noticed a number of families that have the mother/father gender allocated to the wrong names. I noticed that I was entering names and places that kept ringing bells. Which in checking showed I have multiple copies of the same family trees, where one family tree couple, have there mother/father relationship correct and another swopped over.

Its easier to explain with a video

Ok it should be easy to change them. But this leads onto 3 problems.
1 - Why has this happened and when ?
2 - How many others occurances are there ?
3 - In changing the incorrect genders over, this then gives me two as good as nearly identical copies of the same family tree. But some with subtle changes from each other. I need to merge the two together somehow, and not overwrite unique data.

Turn on the option to displsy record numbers after Names to clarify whether these are the same person records coupled more than once or different person records.

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@gray --to find IF there are other occurrences, you could try using the couples list view-- click on mother to sort alphabetically ( and then later father) then go down the list…
You could edit them from this list BUT I would write them down and go back and edit/ merge etc later–

You could also use the people list view-- make sure it says show everyone then click on sex and it will sort them by all male and female–would actually do both views…

again just writing them down because if you edit the sex here, it will fix this list BUT it MIGHT NOT fix the couples list if Mom was recorded in the Father’s box and vice versa…

If the husband and wife are in the wrong position click on the Edit (pencil) icon on the People page and select “Swap father and mother”. Check their sex afterwards to make sure its correct.

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That is really worth knowing. Many thanks for the help and guidance.