Merging citations

I am still struggling with merging citations. I have a lot of them and the merge process hangs for me. I feel certain there is a problem in my data somewhere. I have done all the usual things of dragging to a new database and using the tools to look for corruption and the problem persists.
I am not opposed to searching for and correcting my data errors but I have many tens of thousand of citations to sift through.

  1. does anyone have insight as to what would cause a citation to be bad. Example: no name, prohibited characters in a name, name too long or short, etc. Is it the name i should be examining or what?
  2. what order does the merge occur in? That might give me a hint where to look since my merge hangs at the same place.
    3)a feature which allowed me to merge one source at a time would help me pinpoint my problem to a specific source. Also, when it hangs, couldn’t it tell me where it hangs?

I have so many citations that trying to examine them one by one without even knowing precisely what to look for seems hopeless.

Hi Jane,

The feature to merge citations one at a time does exist. Go to ‘Sources’ > ‘Citations’ then click the 3 dots in the top right of the ‘Citation’ window block and click on ‘Merge citations’ then click on the citation you want to merge with the citation that is highlighted in the Citation window.

Hope this helps you find your problem.

Cheers, Larry