Citation Merging - All Citations - Fields Matched

I have a TON of citations that need merged and am considering the ‘Merge All’ function.

Before attempting this, I would like to verify the fields that are ‘taken into consideration when merging Sources and Citations.’

  • Master Sources and its Source Text, Comments and Source Ref #
  • Citation details and its Research Notes, Comments and Detail Ref #
  • Master Source and Citation Names

I would also like to verify that the image attached to a citation is NOT considered when using the Merge All Citations feature

I pulled the above information from a July 8 post to the Preview Users FB group.

I have a LOT of citations that need merged but am cautious about using the ‘merge all’ function.

Potential enhancements that would make merging citations easier without using the ‘merge all function.’

– have a check box window where one could check all of the citations they wish to merge into an original (similar to the way places are merged)
– have a ‘merge all’ option for a particular source


I tried the citation merge feature in RM8 last evening, but the only thing that happened was a white window/box appeared with nothing in it, and the screen locked up. So I left it to “run” all night, but when I awoke this morning, nothing had changed. I had to utilize task manager (Windows 10) to close the RM8 app and reboot my PC. I am “testing” RM8 functions before moving my data there. My main database remains in RM7.6.5.0.

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Based on my experience with merging repositories – where it required several fields to match exactly, I went ahead and merged my citations.

I have this same problem. First time I tried this function it froze somewhere around 27,000, seeming to freeze at that point, so I left it running all night, with your same results. Using the Auto-Match function with Family Search, it also seemed to freeze up but leaving that to run all night accomplished matching more than half the people I have in my database. Would it be possible for them to allow multi-selecting the duplicate citations and merging them manually? Only being able to merge them one at time is taking a long time!!!