Mass record edit and update

Is there an easier way to edit records instead of having to click so many times? Just thinking outside the box but it would be easier if there was a spreadsheet like list that could be edited and filtered. Also, when updating, each individual record needs several clicks of the mouse to update, is their a way to filter the list and update all?


Sorry to say, if you want fewer mouse clicks, you’ll have to move to different software. The clickiness and inefficiency has been a hot topic on this forum and there are several youtube videos about this problem.

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What would be the best software to use?

Command Palette → Search and replace
does edits all at once

What editing (outside the fields offered in Search and replace ABOVE) do you wish to accomplish?

Depends what you want to edit - in tools you can change or remove a fact type for everyone, or search and replace.

Family tree maker 2019 (several free updates since then). Better person edit screen and everything is one click away (or right there zero clicks).

RM9 has better database and media fix broken links tools and hopefully the many annoying bugs like putting 3 gif files in your home folder will soon be fixed.