How do you handle indexed data from Ancestry and other sources?

I’ve been using the same source type for any of Ancestry’s indexed data, like U.S. Social Security Death Index or U.S. Phone and Address Directories. It is those ones where they take a bunch of sources and index them all into their own “database”. I have been using the "Directories (City or County) (database, online) format for the basic source and naming it according to whatever Ancestry called it. Then I cite each individual reference to that database. Just curious how others handle this type of indexed/third party gathered data in their RM8. Thanks!

I use the source template "Website (with multiple databases) for each collection on a website. The Source Names are like this:
Web: Ancestry - WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918*
Web: MyHeritage - U.S. Public Records Index*


how do you cite a Public Record Index with more than one (1) address and phone numbers; what field? I’m new at this source citations and RM.

Thanks in advance, Hugh

Thanks! This will work much better. Can’t believe I missed that source type.

Another question if you don’t mind. Do you do newspapers from using Newspaper, Online Archives? That’s what I did with my first one today. Source Name being the newspaper title and then the citation being for each different article that comes out of that paper. Seems to work well, but I thought the other way I was doing the online databases worked too until I learned of a better way. Thanks again!

Also, do this the same way for things that actually have a scanned image? Like a delayed birth record?

For newspapers I can see I’ve used different newspapers source templates for them. Most common is “Newspapers, Online Archives”. I like separate master sources for each newspaper and then a citation for each articles in the paper. If a source templates doesn’t quite fit that I will copy it and then edit it so the fields I want are showing in the citation area.

On Public Records Index I have copied the multiple addresses and phone numbers to the Research Notes area of the citation. Basically, my research notes are transcriptions of what was on the record itself. When you print a record with sources there is an option to include the Research Notes with them. I don’t always want my research notes showing.

Thanks for your initial response.
Also, for the Source Details, I left what Ancestry placed in that field.
For Citation Details, if one address:
citation name entry for [Persons Name] - [ Street Name ] - [Year]?
entry for John Doe - DeWolf Avenue - 1985
details 1985 residence 132 Dewolf Ave Bristol, RI 02809

Sample. Record
Name John Doe
Birth {date]
Residence Date 1985
Address 132 Dewolf Ave
Residence Bristol, RI
Postal Code 02809

Thanks again

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Excellent, that sounds like what I’ve been doing. Thanks!