How can I see a list of my ancestors who have a birthplace or deathplace in Norfolk

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I m not great at all of this and it is my first post and a total achievement for me to get this far! Sorry if this is something I could easily find or has been said a million times but… how can i generate a list of my ancestors in my tree who have a birthplace or deathplace in the county of Norfolk , England?

If i can manage that I’ll then be able to do the same for any county I guess

Step by step will be so handy

Thank you very much

You could print an Individual list and select the people to print by marking by data field. Go to the Publish tab, All Reports and Charts, Individual List. In the settings box, click on the line “Include?”, a pop-up box will appear where everyone is default, click on the down arrow and choose “select from list.” This will bring up the Roots Magic Explorer. In the top left click on the box “Mark” and choose “by data fields.” You will get another pop-up to choose criteria. In the top box Choose Birth, Place, contains ‘Norfolk’, in the next line down change the ‘and’ to ‘or’ and repeat as above replacing birth with ‘Death.’ Click OK. You will then receive a pop up with a count of how many were found and selected with the matching criteria. Click Select (lower right corner), then OK. Make your choices in other settings such as Information to include, layout etc. then Generate Report. I have added some links to the Wiki for visual help. Good luck! Individual List Report Help also Roots Magic Explorer

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If you want a “working list” versus a printed report, you could create a group using the same logic that @alainemk described. (People, Groups , Add Group, Mark and choose “By data fields”, etc)

Thank you very much for your useful reply

Thanks very much sorry for long delay - this is very useful