Getting Started with Family Atlas

What is Family Atlas and how do I use it?
Family Atlas is the fun and easy way to map your family history. Trace your ancestors migration around the world and pinpoint the sites of important family events. Import your family data directly from your genealogy software, then create and print personalized family maps.

This video demonstrates the finer points of using Family Atlas. Reply if you have questions or tips to share.

10. Mapping Your Family Tree with Family Atlas

Has anyone used this yet?

I have a tree that I downloaded from Ancestry. I followed the wizard’s instructions to import my tree into Family Atlas (FA) from RM8. When I got to the screen that requested I choose a file, the file I wanted was not available.

FA will only allow *.rmgc and *.rmg extensions - however, my tree has the *rmtree extention.

Does FA not recognize RM8 extensions? Should I just use the GEDCOM import?

Thank you in advance

Yes, it’s best to do a GEDCOM import.

Dang. Ok, thank you for the rapid response, it is much appreciated!

I’ve used the Family Atlas for years with RM7. I found the same thing that the Community member Cancun has found in that Atlas has a hardcoded *.rmgc and *.rmg in the Open panel when you have clicked on Browse. It can’t be changed. However, if I don’t click on browse and instead place the full path location of my RM8 database, it will open that file and seems to work as usual. It looks like an easy change to make to add .rmtree to the browse path. Atlas seems to function with the RM8 version database. Could a feature request be added to Family Atlas to allow it to open an RM8 database?

It’s more than just adding a file extension, it need to accept the file format. It does require an update to Family Atlas. For now use the GEDCOM option and you won’t have any problems.